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In order to create sustainable growth, we need to know what kind of ground we’re standing on. Each of these women took an honest look at her own life, and found a starting point from which to launch a joyful, more authentic future. Authors Dr. Mary E. Pritchard, PhD, Peggy Nolan, Felicia D’Haiti, Christine Malenda, MhD, and Dr. Angela M. Joyner share their personal moments of self-realization.


Sometimes, we can discover radiant joy simply by choosing a new lens through which to see ourselves, each other, and the world. Authors Sheila Callaham, Marianne MacKenzie, Jill Celeste, MA, Kailean Welsh, MS, LPC, and Zinnia Gupte shifted their perspectives and broadened their horizons, and discovered that joy can be found in the most unexpected places.


Illness—whether our own or a family member’s—doesn’t have to be a joy slayer. These brave and brilliant women overcame the challenges of illness and came out the other side stronger, more resilient, and even more joyful than before! Authors Jen Flick, Dr. Véronique Desaulniers, Martha Tassinari, and Kelley Grimes, MSW share their joyful triumphs over cancer and chronic illness.


There are many ways to share the nurturing, feminine energy of motherhood—and not all of them look the way you might think! In this chapter, authors Debra L. Reble, PhD, Kim Lachapelle, Sara Turner, and Casey Kerr share four very different perspectives on the joys of motherhood.



Nothing in this life is permanent, but the passing of a loved one doesn’t have to mean the end of joy. In fact, the quest to find joy in sadness led these women to a greater depth of gratitude and appreciation for the many gifts of life and love. Authors Shelley Riutta, MSE, LPC, Laura Clark, Pamela Henry, Paula Houlihan, and Jill E. Greinke, MSW, LCSW, SAC share their stories of how the circle of life enriched their commitment to cultivating joy.


Sometimes, creating a joyful life means you just have to go your own way! In this chapter, authors Stacey Curnow, Stacey Martino, Beth Marshall, Kellyann Schaefer, and Patricia Young share their stories of striking out into the unknown, finding their passion and purpose, and building their blissful careers.


A deep spiritual connection held the key to joy and transformation for these five inspirational women. Through their connection to the Divine and their own highest selves, they overcame illness, injury, and adversity, and found their personal lifelines to joy. Authors Katie Mazzocco, Tina van Leuven, Cindy Hively, Maggie Chula, and Paula Foster share their stories of tuning in to themselves and turning their lives around.


By setting boundaries, breaking old molds, and investing in their own potential, these amazing ladies prove that, when we let ourselves be who we really are, all things are possible! Authors Melissa Rapoport, Tiffany Kane, Lisa Marie Rosati, Mazie Zdanowich, and Shelley Lundquist share their stories of honoring their deepest truths and moving forward through love.





Dive deeper into the wisdom and lessons contained within each woman’s story.

Three Journaling Prompts after each story help you delve deeper into the vital lessons these women’s experiences have to offer.






















Linda JoyBest-selling inspirational publisher, Host, and Authentic Marketing and List-Building Catalyst Linda Joy is one of today’s premier voices in women’s inspirational publishing. Her six multimedia brands serve over 43,000 women and 20,000 social media fans who embrace her message of love, feminine wisdom, and self-empowerment.

Ms. Joy is passionate about encouraging women to rediscover and reconnect with their inner wisdom, and empowering them to live deeper, more authentic, inspired lives both personally and professionally.

Linda is the publisher of Aspire Magazine, the premier inspirational e-magazine for women, as well as the Creatrix behind Inspired Living Publishing (ILP). Cultivating Joy, ILP’s fourth book, is the much anticipated follow-up to the viral sensation and international best-seller Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness (February 2015).    Previous best-sellers  include Embracing Your Authentic Self (2011), and A Juicy, Joyful Life (2010). Over 125 visionary women have become best-selling authors thanks to these books and the support and expertise of Inspired Living Publishing’s heart-centered team and Authentic Storytelling TM Model. Learn more about upcoming print and e-book publishing projects at .InspiredLivingPublishing.com.



Inspired Living Publishing, LLC. (ILP) is an inspirational boutique publishing company, founded in 2010 by Aspire Magazine Publisher Linda Joy. As a heart- centered, mission driven publishing company for female authors ILP is dedicated to publishing projects that inspire hope, love and transformation and empower women to believe in the power of possibility.  Learn more about upcoming print and Kindle projects at InspiredLivingPublishing.com.