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 FREE GIFT from Stacey Martino
Stacey Martino

What’s Your Relationship Score? Find Out Today!

With Relationship Experts Paul and Stacey Martino’s powerful “Score Your Relationship” system you will finally have a quantitative, definitive and clear map of your own relationship! In just minutes! You’ll receive: The Score Your Relationship Quiz, The Expert Assessment, Your Relationship Map and The Proven Solution to move up your scores! Get this eye-opening look at the current state of your relationship…and learn how you can transform it!

 FREE GIFT from Shelley Riutta, MSE, LPC – Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching

6 piece Holistic Practice Building Kit and CD

You’ll receive: Audio CD: “Thriving Practice Secrets: 5 Simple Secrets to Creating a Thriving Practice”; Online Marketing Blueprint: 6 Steps to Use Online Marketing to Grow Your Holistic Practice; Video: 3 Mistakes People Make when Building their Holistic Practice; 5 Tips to Get Clients NOW; The 9 Principles of Holistic Psychotherapy & Coaching & the Holistic Practice Assessment.

 FREE GIFT from Lisa Marie Rosati – The Goddess Lifestyle Plan

Magical Goddess Lifestyle Swag Bag

Do you live an abundant life of happiness, magic and fulfillment? What’s stopping you? Learn how to design your goddess lifestyle that gratifies your unique passions, desires and needs with all these goodies!

 FREE GIFT from Stacey Curnow – Purpose and Success Coach

The Purpose and Passion Guidebook

In this valuable content-packed eGuide, you’ll learn: 1) The 4 most common obstacles to knowing who you are and what your purpose is. 2)The #1 secret to success. 3) The 6 SUPER-CLEAR steps to FINDING and LIVING your PURPOSE. 4) How to make your BIG dreams a reality!

 FREE GIFT from Laura Clark – Soul Wise Living

Your Intuition Navigation Program includes 7 Videos

Are you ready to live life on your terms? This empowering program shows you step by step how easy it is to listen to your own intuition consistently & understand it with clarity. Begin to make courageous decisions based on your own inner GPS for more joy and abundance today. Includes 3 sacred bonuses.

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 FREE GIFT from Dr. Mary Pritchard – Body Love & Self Love Expert
Mary Pritchard new Headshot 120x150

The Goddess Path to Self-Love and Body Love 7 pc. Gift Bundle

This treasure trove of self-love includes 4 audio classes (Self-Love: The Path to Inner Happiness, Falling in Love with Your Body, The Art of Self-Expression, and How to Be Your Own Prince Charming) along with handouts, Self-Love Pledge, the Self-Love Vow and Love Letter to My Body.

 FREE GIFT from Shelley Lundquist – Self-Mastery & Success Coach

Reclaim Your Magnificence

Are you ready to step into your full personal power? Use these journaling prompts and this healing meditation to begin your journey of self-discovery. Learn to face your fears, breakthrough your blocks, move from resistance to acceptance, and open to abundance. More clarity. More impact. More fun. YOU WANT THAT, don’t you?

 FREE GIFT from Debra L. Reble, PhD
Deb Reble 120x150

4 part Soul-Hearted Living Sacred Meditation Series

Psychologist and Intuitive Debra L. Reble, PhD created this powerful 4 part meditation series to guide women to connect with their hearts. You’ll receive “Opening Your Heart to Your Authentic Self”, Tapping into Your Inner Wisdom, Awakening to Your Divine Essence Within and her popular “Five Minute Heart-Opener for the Busy Woman.”

 FREE GIFT from Paula Houlihan International LLC

Activate Your Money Magic Guide

Ready to transform the money stuff that’s been keeping you stuck? Learn the three wands you must know to consistently make more money, bedazzle your brilliance and live a truly magical life. Prosperity is waiting. Claim yours today!

 FREE GIFT from Melissa Rapoport – Your Whole Body Health Mentor

Revolutionize Your Health For A Bountiful Life

Feel healthier, stronger and sexier than you have in years. Perhaps ever! Every day Melissa works with women who want to blast through the obstacles that hold them back & create a bountiful, healthy life. Take this quick quiz & you will receive your “Sabotage” report with a personalized Action Plan.

 FREE GIFT from Cindy Hively 

Sensuous Breath Meditation

Welcome Beautiful Sacred One. Do you live a life where you are full to over flowing with your hearts desires, your passions, your sacredness of every breath you take? What’s holding you back? Learn to create living your life “IN YOUR FULLNESS” with the Sacredness of each breath you take.

 FREE GIFT from Kelley Grimes – In Truth and Beauty

Daily Inspiration App

Do you need daily inspiration to nurture yourself? Would you like to receive encouraging reminders on your smart phone or tablet every day in order to live with more peace, joy and meaning? Claim your free gift of the In Truth & Beauty Daily Inspiration App today.

 FREE GIFT from Angela M. Joyner, PhD – The Wonder Loft, LLC

5 Simple Steps to Have More Confidence

Want to feel more confident and have a better command of your life? Do you yearn for a life you love? Learn 5 simple steps to have more confidence and love your life! Get your free CD now!

 FREE GIFT from Felicia D’Haiti – Soul Transformations

Get Clear on Your Space Starter Kit

Bring more abundance and clarity to your life by connecting with the energy of your home, creating a vision for your space, and implementing an action plan to clear and arrange your home and life. Get my “Clear on Your Space Starter Kit,” including audio training & eGuide TODAY!

 FREE GIFT from Peggy Nolan

Boost Your Positivity and Tame Your Tension

Are you feeling overwhelmed, cranky, and like you don’t have enough space to breathe? My free eBook will help you find ways to create space in your life to feel positive, happy and joyful. My free audio will help you reduce stress and tame your tension!

 FREE GIFT from Kellyann Schaefer – Task Complete
Kelly Schaefer headshot

The Secrets to Doing Less and Living More

Doing Less and Living More IS the secret to Happiness! Your free Guide will quickly show how to identify where your time is being lost, where you may want to focus more and how to improve your quality of life and discover greater happiness!

 FREE GIFT from Marianne MacKenzie

How to Live Radically Engaged

How to Live Radically Engaged includes a powerful worksheet and audio to guide you to assess your current life, Identify your DESIRED life and determine an action plan to propel you toward your desires.

 FREE GIFT from Kailean Welsh – Holistic Psychotherapist 

‘Shine A Bit Brighter’ Toolkit

Are you ready to be all that you can be? Illuminate Your Best Life Now! Assess your wellness balance, strengthen your ability to live from the soul, and experience greater joy and abundance. Claim your free gift and step into the life you yearn for!

 FREE GIFT from Katie Mazzocco – Full Spectrum Productivity

Spiritual Entrepreneur Productivity Kit

How to be Productive, Wealthy and Spiritual. You have lives to change, so why are you tolerating playing small by being unproductive in your business? Stop the overwhelm and bust through your business plateaus. Expand your reach and increase your income with my free Spiritual Entrepreneur Kit.

 FREE GIFT from Patricia Young – Inner Prosperity Academy

7 Steps to go from “Working for a Paycheck” to “Working for a Mission”

In this FREE Report I share a few simple steps that you can start taking to turn your passion into a business and get paid for who you came here to be!  I truly believe that each person was put on this earth for a unique purpose, and it is as unique as a fingerprint. Not following your purpose or passion, and not acknowledging your gifts and talents, not only dishonors who you are and who you came here to be, but also, it’s a disservice to those around you and to the world in general.

 FREE GIFT from Maggie Chula 

Awaken Your Soul Connection

Start your day with a daily ritual to activate your source energy, creating clear energetic boundaries. A clear energetic connection to your Soul’s light vibration will help you be more consciously aware and in control of your actions. Audio Activate Your Source Energy included.

 FREE GIFT from Jill E. Greinke – Holistic Psychotherapist and Coach

5 Steps to Miraculous & Profound Living

Do you want to align with your True Self in order to live an authentic life that is balanced, centered and focused? 5 Steps to Miraculous & Profound Living will help you connect with who you really are you so you will be able to live a life of JOY where all things are possible!

 FREE GIFT from Tiffany Kane – Widows With Kids

Widows With Kids Grief Guide

10 Activities to Move You & Your Kids through Grief Together – As a widow with kids one of the most important things you can do for both you and your kids is find creative ways to grieve together. This free E-book provides 10 activities to support you and your kids to develop and emotional vocabulary and provide and outlet for your intense emotions.

 FREE GIFT from Beth Marshall – Financially Authentic

3 Steps to Financial Ease & Flow

Did you know that money is a divine tool that can support your life? It can be. In just 3 steps, learn how to begin proactively managing your money with ease and flow to maximize the amount of freedom, choice, and peace that you have in your life.

Beth Marshall CJ Launch_175x150
 FREE GIFT from Tina van Leuven – Inner Delight

Money and Miracles Treasure Chest

Do you ever worry or get stressed out about money? Do you find it easier to give than to receive? Have you ever felt that you’re not good enough? The Money & Miracles Treasure Chest includes 2 powerful meditations to transform your relationship with money while boosting your joy and money mojo now.

 FREE GIFT from Martha Tassinari – Holistic Life Transitions Institute

Roadmap to Transformation

Step into the power of your Feminine Courage! Learn how to navigate through challenging life transitions in a way that will help you grow, expand, and create a positive change in your life. This gift will help you reconnect with your authentic self and step away from victimhood into empowerment!

 FREE GIFT from Sheila Callaham

Release, Reboot, & Reconnect to Your Dreams

You don’t have to be a guru to live a life of nirvana. This FREE ebook shows you: 5 life-traps that suck away your joy, 5 kick-butt steps to living your dreams, 7 mindful practices to spiritually reconnect. Because you were born to live a joy-filled life!

 FREE GIFT from Sara Turner – Create a Magical Business

3 Magical Ways to Transform your Healing Practice

Imagine waking up each day AND doing what you love, helping others heal AND earning fabulous money in the process. Join me, Sara for a Magical Business Master Class where I share my own personal journey and 3 Magical Ways to Transform your Healing Practice into a Thriving Business

 FREE GIFT from Christine Malenda, PhD

7 Ways in 7 Days – Feeling Fabulous for Women

Keep your Spirit ignited 7 days a week!  Seven powerful videos to help you access RICH REWARDS in your relationships, your career and every part of your life through the language of Spiritual Solutions!

 FREE GIFT from Pamela Henry

Pocketful of Love: 21 Daily Quotes

Take a 21 day journey into self-love and acceptance! Each quote was selected specifically to raise your vibration as you mediate on daily wisdom. Find out how this simple program can help you unlock your dreams and begin creating the life you’ve always known is possible.

 FREE GIFT from Kim Lachapelle – Leadership & Life Coach

Shift From Un-worthy to Self-worth!

This eBook will reveal the 6-stage path you’ve walked to get where you are right now. Understanding this will give you immense power that comes with new perspective. It will then take you through the turn-around, a process to help you build self-trust and self-worth you never imagined possible.

 FREE GIFT from Casey Kerr – Find Your Roar

Ignite the ROAR-rior Within Program

Download this content-rich gift & discover what you need to be consistently confident & authentic so you can deeply connect with the people who need you most. Experience the power & simplicity of the tools, strategies & techniques that will make you clear & strong so you can stand up & be heard.

 FREE GIFT from Dr. Veronique Desaulniers – Breast Cancer Conqueror, LLC

Your Hormones – Friends or Foes?

There is a Breast Cancer myth that has been perpetuated and has instilled fear in women around the globe about their hormones. Women have been told that their hormones cause cancer. Discover the truth about your hormones and The 7 Essentials System – your ticket to Breast Health.

 FREE GIFT from Paula Foster – Health & Empowerment Coach

The Beautifully Empowered Lifestyle Toolkit

Do you want a life that is ripe with juicy possibilities, joy & happiness, vibrant health, increased energy, vital self love & care, community, and positive change? Discover my top 3 strategies for creating the Beautifully Empowered lifestyle and begin to transform your life in body, mind & spirit!

 FREE GIFT from Jill Celeste – Marketing Coach
View More: http://essentiaphotography.pass.us/jill-celeste

Daily Marketing Action List and Planner

Do you struggle with daily accountability of your marketing tasks? Then you’ll love my Daily Marketing Action List and Planner – complete with fields for networking, social media, follow ups and more. Never forget a marketing task again!

 FREE GIFT from Zinnia Gupte – Shakti Priestess

Shakti Goddess Gift Bundle!

Awaken Your Goddess Power with Your FREE Shakti Goddess Gift Bundle!  Go deeper into your feminine wisdom with these empowering tools, visioning kit, affirmations and guided meditation designed to shift you into your Goddess Power. Learn how to magnetize your heart’s desires and live joyfully!

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 FREE GIFT from Jennifer Flick

7 Keys to Activate Your Joy Handbook and Journal

Have you been searching for a more joyful life, yet always feel lost? Does it seem every road leads to a dead-end? The truth is that you hold the keys to your personal joy deep within yourself. Download this sacred handbook and discover how to unlock your freer, fuller life!

 FREE GIFT from Mazie Zdanowich – Power Boomer

Go from Baby Boomer to POWER BOOMER

Are you a boomer craving more from life? Are you looking to fulfill your vision, build your desired legacy or pursue empowering inspiration? Clarify, stimulate, and activate your: imaginative wisdom, unparalleled experience, and exclusive talents. Let’s master Power Boomer living.

FREE GIFT from Publisher Linda Joy – Aspire Magazine
Linda Joy LOVE-150

Complimentary Subscription includes Over 50 Free Gifts

Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul™! Publisher Linda Joy invites you to discover for yourself why tens of thousands of women embrace Aspire’s message of love, wisdom and inspiration. Every beautiful, full-color issue brings you today’s leading female thought leaders and up-and-coming movers and shakers to support you in living a deeper, more authentic and inspired life.

FREE GIFT from Publisher Linda Joy
Linda Joy _120x150

Share Your Story & Enhance Your Brand as a Bestselling Author

Bring Your Brand and Message Out of the Shadows as an Author! Your free gift includes: The Power of Collaborative Books to Grow Your List & Enhance Your Brand (PDF) and Transforming Lives and Inspiring Connection through the Power of Authentic Storytelling (MP3) from four time Bestselling Publisher Linda Joy. Your gift also includes an invitation to join Linda’s thriving private Visionary Female Author group (over 800 women) and VIP notice on upcoming print and Kindle projects. 

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FREE GIFT from Bailey Frumen – Therapist & Lifestyle Design Coach

Ready to discover your purpose & build confidence?

5 Easy Steps to Enhance Your Personal Freedom & Abundance (and kick overwhelm to the curb!): Learn to Escape Overwhelm with a clean slate, Boost Your Body & Soul Self-Care, Become More Present Everyday, Create an Abundance Mentality and Learn to Live a Life of Freedom & Flow.

FREE GIFT from Amy Leigh Mercree

The Love Yourself & Get Happy Survival Kit

Get five amazing gifts in this joy-enhancing kit! Including: The Three Men to Avoid Dating: Special Report from the Front Lines, Secrets to a Happy Relationship… with Yourself!, Living Joy 101: Four Ways to Get Blissed Out Today, What’s Your Dating Style Quiz, Medical Intuitive Tip #1: Grounding.

FREE GIFT from Stacey Hoffer

Grow Your Tribe w/ Soulful Social Media Strategies

In this free video training, Stacey Hoffer shares her success secrets to grow your online tribe, increase social media engagement, and spread your meaningful message. Learn heart-centered social media strategies you can start implementing today that will set you apart from the rest.

FREE GIFT from Tara Robinson

7 Secrets to Living a Life of No Regrets

The Ultimate Guide to Living Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. Everyday we gamble with our lives. Everything is at stake. Will you live with passion and purpose, or die with regrets? THAT is the Ultimate Risk. Learn seven secrets to unlock the mysteries about who you are and what you are here to do.

FREE GIFT from Suzie Cheel – The Heart Whisperer

Chakra Healing Meditation to Delight and Heal

A visual and audio delight:This meditation will help you tap into your own loving soul and listen to the whispers of your heart. The colors of the chakras are woven into the words & imagery, helping you feel balanced & centered, allowing you to clear stuck energy & tap into a greater love for you.

FREE GIFT from Shann Vander Leek – True Balance International, LLC

The Sacred Art of Joy Spotting™

What if I told you cultivating joy could be as easy as tuning into your personal awareness? Learn how to move through each day in full appreciation of the great and crushing beauty in your life by practicing one of my very favorite sacred rituals. Gift includes an MP3 Audio and Special Report.

FREE GIFT from Kate Michels – Emotional Wisdom Training

A GPS, Goals And Proven Strategies For Your Success

Successful entrepreneurs such as Steven Covey, John Grey, Les Brown, Kate Michels and others share the simple strategic steps to use to get you where you want to go.  Use this ebook to direct you toward living the joyful life you are born for.

Kathryn Michels-1 (2)
FREE GIFT from Janet Nestor

Love, Joy, and Mindfulness

Love, Joy & Mindfulness – Life is a bumpy ride, so why not learn to navigate the bumps.  Create your own special pathway to self-acceptance and peace within.  Tap into your inner wisdom and live in love – the most powerful food on the planet!

Linda Joy pathways gift photo
FREE GIFT from Jackie Ruka – Get Happy Zone

Train your Mind to be Happy and Renew Your Soul!

Receive the Bonus Happiness Kit to jumpstart your life, gain clarity, open your imagination and design your destiny NOW! Kit includes you very own personal Happiness Assessment , the Billion Dollar Mindset mantra and Fears Be Gone Meditation.

FREE GIFT from Julia McCutchen

3 Part Conscious Writing Video Series

This FREE series of 3 videos on Conscious Writing teaches you how to create, write and live your life from the level of your true self rather than your everyday self where your fears and anxieties lie. Includes a powerful technique for direct personal experience! Julia McCutchen is an author, intuitive mentor and the founder and creative director of the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers (IACCW).

FREE GIFT from Kari Joys MS

10 Baby Steps for Living with Joy

Does Joy sometimes feel just out of reach? Do you struggle to maintain Joy in challenging situations? Experienced Psychotherapist, Kari Joys MS, offers you a FREE PDF called “10 Baby Steps for Living with Joy.” Learn simple Joy Skills that work in all situations, come rain or shine!

Kari Joys
FREE GIFT from Jackie Lapin

Do You Want To Speak More and Change More Lives?

Are you ready for Prime Time as a speaker? Find out! Jackie Lapin, founder of Conscious and Transformational Speakers speaker booking service and Luminary Voices, transformational speaker and performer showcase, will share her secrets to getting booked every time! Grab this great audio recording and uplevel your speaking opportunities.

Etiqueta app abajo azul AUDIO
FREE GIFT from Kristi Ling

Free Happiness Kit Featuring Empowering Ebook and Audio 

In this fun, inspiring, eBook and audio workshop, happiness strategist Kristi Ling shares her formulas for less stress, better health, and ridiculously productive, creative days. Positive mornings are a must for creating a happier, more peaceful, more dynamic life. This happiness kit will show you how to give your mornings – and your life – a lasting joyful makeover! 

 FREE GIFT from Kim Turcotte

Creating Altars Kit

When I first stepped onto my own Goddess Journey I often struggled with the concept of Sacred Time for myself, I seemed to always be too busy or too tired. 

Then I discovered the power of Creating Altars.  The Creating Altars Kit is my gift to YOU!  To give you the support you might need to take that first step on the Goddess Journey that can change your life forever!